Important Dates

Important Dates Regarding Settlement

June 7, 2018                  Settlement Agreement executed by Parties

June 14, 2018                Preliminary Approval Hearing

June 14, 2018                Order Preliminarily Approving Class Settlement

June 29, 2018                Notice of Class Action Settlement sent by mail and email to Class Members

August 13, 2018            Deadline to Send any Objections to the Class Settlement

August 24, 2018            Final Approval Hearing at 8:45 A.M.


Previous Important Dates Regarding Litigation

April 26, 2017                 Order Granting Class Certification

August 11, 2017             Notice of Pending Class Action Sent by Mail and Email to Class Members

October 10, 2017            Deadline to Opt-Out of Class Action Lawsuit

February 5, 2018           Order Granting Partial Summary Judgment